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Project Reverse Mentoring is an excellent way of showing your senior alumni that you care about them and their classmates. You can provide them with an easy contact to the law school to learn what is going on at the school and you can inform them by cheap email communication of activities, fund drives, etc. These seniors are potential donors.

Project Reverse Mentoring can put your students and unemployed recent graduates into potential job situations and into career guidance.

You will have to determine by year of birth or year of graduation whom to target. Typically those who were born before 1955 or graduated before 1980 are most in need of help.

We suggest that the alumni relations office determine communication content and targeted senior alumni. We suggest you target mail those senior alumni and that you publicize the program by printed media (alumni news magazines etc.). You could also consider email to all alumni suggesting they may know a senior who would benefit from the mentoring. Keep in mind that the senior lawyers who need help may not be able to receive email to learn of the benefit. In many cases, the senior alumni may have an email address but is depending on another person to send and receive email.

We suggest that you utilize the placement office to recruit students (emphasizing possible employment opportunities) and match them to request for assistance.

Your information services office may be able to screen students before sending them out and to teach the students what they don't already know to be able to help the senior.

There might be grant money available if you expand the project to include all seniors, or the disadvantaged.

The Student Bar Associations or Chapter of the American Bar Association's Law Student Division may be able to recruit and screen volunteers ad match student volunteer mentors with senior alumni.

Use the List Serve to work with other law schools and mentors.


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