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Internet Mentoring Schedule

This schedule is a suggested schedule. It may be modified to fit the needs of a particular senior. It is important that the senior progress at the senior's pace. When appropriate, based on the pace of the senior, these steps can be taken out of the sequence listed.

Suggestions for corrections and improvements are welcome. Please place your questions and suggestions on the List Serve which can be joined by going to: www.seniorlawyers.org/mentoring/listservexxxxxxxx.

Using the Internet:

1. Go to the Internet from the senior lawyers.org home page icon for Internet.
2. Show the senior how to go to a known web site. Use one of the web sites created for the senior. (Bar Association, Law School, Senior Lawyer Websites, etc.)
3. Teach the senior the difference between the Back feature and the Close feature.
4. Teach the senior how to use the Home page (using the Reverse Mentoring Home page as an example).
5. Teach the senior how to return to the Home page.
6. Teach the senior the Contact features of web sites, especially www.SeniorLaweyrs.org.
7. Teach the senior how to use Search Engines. (Use the Google Search Engine link already installed by you.) Teach the senior how to enter what is being searched for. (Use of quotation marks, etc.)
8. Teach the senior how to go from the Search Engine to the Web Sites listed and how to get back to the Search Engine using Links and the "Back" Feature.
9. Teach the senior how to Bookmark the sites into the "Favorite" or "Other" feature and how to go from the Favorites to the web site without having to type in the URL.
10. Teach the senior how to print something from the Internet.
11. Teach the senior how to save something from the Internet.
12. Teach the senior how to open and close "pdf" files from the Internet without signing off through the Close window (X).
13. Teach the senior how to use the Search feature within a web site.
14. Review with the senior the major Search Engines available in addition to Google (Yahoo, Northernlights, Dogpile, AskJeeves, Altavista, Lycos, etc.) Remind the senior that there are estimated to be thousands of Search Engines in existence and that the senior should try to develop familiarity with two or three of them.
15. Review recommended web sites, law school and bar associations, Google and computer games.
16. Remind the senior that most people consider it fun to surf the Net looking for web sites that fit their needs.

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