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Project Reverse Mentoring


Links [Direct connections] to important senior lawyer websites, including:



International Bar Association Senior Lawyers (being formed) (Click here)

American Bar Association Senior Lawyer Div. (Click here)

State Bar of California Senior Lawyers Standing Comm. (Click here)

Lawyers Club of Los Angeles County (Click here)



Stetson University College of Law (Click here)

University of West Los Angeles School of Law (Click here)



Information on How a Bar Association Can Benefit from a Senior Lawyers' Committee. For more information, click here.

Senior Lawyer Travel and Leisure Activities. For more information, click here.

Where to get 5 hours of free individualized computer training (to learn to use email and the Internet) from a law student or young lawyer at no cost in your office, your home, or the local law school computer laboratory. For more information, click here.

Direct links to other selected elder law websites.

Information via email on events, programs, and meetings of Senior Lawyers .

Announcements via email of new books and information available to senior lawyers. from the American Bar Association, The State Bar Of California and other bar organizations including your local and specialty bar organizations.

Access to information of special interest to Senior lawyers and their clients from non bar association sources.

Articles of Interest to Senior Lawyers.

Retirement and Preparing for Retirement.

Closing a Law Office.

Elder Law News.

Senior Health.

Senior Financing.

Senior cohabitation, divorce and marriage.



Instructions for Sending and Receiving Email.

Search the World Wide Web (click here).

Browse the World Wide Web for news/info (click here).

Conduct Legal Research (click here).

Conduct Medical Research (click here).

Join an open list serve which will allow you to seek information to help yourself and your clients, by networking with other lawyers throughout the world.

A method of communicating to your Bar Association, what you expect of them.

Read articles written by ABA and State Bar lawyers and others on a variety of subjects. For more information, click here.


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